After I worn it a few times, including a visit to

Kids’ daytime hours have now pivoted to screen mode. We know if we don’t get them out for some movement, after a few hours they’ll turn into small, somehow louder Tasmanian Devils. Options are meager; even outdoor playgrounds are off limits these days.

The 23 year old Buhner was traded to the Seattle Mariners in 1988 for Phelps, a 34 year old designated hitter who totalled only 292 at bats over parts of two seasons with the Yankees before he was dealt again to the Oakland A where he earned a World Series ring in 1989 alongside Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, and Tony La Russa. Buhner went on to belt 307 home runs in 14 seasons with the Mariners. Great to be remembered for something, I guess, Phelps joked about his Seinfeld mention when he and Buhner were reunited at Mariners spring training in 2015..

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Now she amazed to find out how many she is selling on Amazon and how she can offer her book as a fundraising tool for various organizations whose interests are compatible with her story. She up to speed in marketing and can say, wrote and published this book. People want to know how to get books published and into the library.

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The pandemic has affected everything and everyone in one way or another. Minot State University had to send all of its students back to their homes, including those from Canada. One of the subjects significantly affected was the art department, and Micah Bloom explained the difficulty of moving studio art classes from the studio to his students via video conference..

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